How Do I Start?


Start a free trial and provide the e-mail addresses to filter once we contact you.


Activate the service by modifying the MX records for your domain. If you don't know what this is don't worry, we will explain when we talk to you.





Be completely free of spam & viruses approximately 72 hours after you change your MX records.

Why Choose ClearMX?


We are so confident you will love our solution, you can try it for free with no obligation whatsoever for 30 days.


There is no hardware or software to install!

Time Saving

We'll save your employees time by only delivering clean e-mail to their inbox and eliminating the junk.

Who Can Use ClearMX?

ClearMX will work with any standard mail server. Your mail server can be located anywhere in the world. Likewise, if you are using a web hosting provider, we can deliver mail there.
You must have your own domain name to use our spam & virus protection service.